Surya Mudra – A Technique to reduce weight naturally


Surya Mudra helps very well for the weight loss and health benefits. Now-a-days,the life style of people has completely changed, and yet true with the fact that most people don’t do physical exercises, mainly working people doesn’t have a time diet and take proper health needs.

Present life style leads to many health problems like weight gain causes Obesity,Thyroid,Joint pains….etc.

The Surya Mudra will help one from away from such health problems, It is just a matter of few minutes.This mudra can be done in offices or working places or while you are travelling in bus, cars… etc.

Fallowing were the steps to perform Surya Mudra steps:

  • Stand or sit straight
  • Hold your hands infront of you.
  • Bend the ring finger of each hand,that its tip should touch the mound of your thumb.
  • Press down on your ring finger with your thumb.
  • The other fingers are spread out straight.
  • This has to be done 3 times in a day(Morning , Afternoon ,Evening )15 minutes each,one hour before food.


  • This Surya Mudra will helps to produce heat in the body.When you feel too cool in winter,sit in this mudra for few minutes.
  • This helps to rise metabolism in our body.
  • It helps for digestion of food.
  • Though it reduces the excess of fat content in our body,it is a very good tip for the people who wants to loose their weight.
  • REMIND that if you follow this,for every month you should check cholesterol Percent in your body and reduce the time of doing that, because cholesterol also important to our body.