Surya Bhedan (Right Nostril Breathing or Revitalizing Breath)


Right nostril is Pingala Nadi, which represents physical energy and body. The breath through right nostril is important for many important metabolic processes.

The purpose of the Right nostril breathing is to increase the Pranic energy , the physical energy, to revitalize the body. It increases the efficiency of digestive system, also boosts the nervous system, especially the sympathetic nervous system.

Following are the benefits of Right Nostril Breathing –

  • It increases the body temperature, which removes the Kafa (mucus) imbalance. This is very effective in obesity. Regular practice of Right nostril breath is used for weight loss.
  • Prana increases in the body, increasing the vitality.
  • Very effective for depression, low energy.
  • Very effective for stress management.
  • Helps reducing the anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.
  • Balancing Ida and Pingala removes all the blockages in the pranic energy channels, which may lead to spiritual awakenings.
  • It gives all the benefits of Deep breathing as well.


Practice – Note (Practice of Right Nostril breathing should be done with a Yoga Expert Only)

  • Beginners can start with deep breathing practice in sitting position (Padmasana – Lotus, Swastikasana- Auspicious, Vajrasana – Thunderbolt, Any Cross legged position in which the body can be relaxed and spine is erect.)
  • Pranav Mudra of right hand, will help close the left nostril while inhaling through right nostril.
  • Initially 4 seconds inhale through right and exhale for 6 seconds through right nostril or left nostril, this can be practiced for about 5 minutes.
  • With practice one can increase the counts to 4:8, or 5:10 or 6:12 seconds


Precautions –

  • If you feel little bit of discomfort then you can reduce the ratio of breathing.
  • Under No circumstances the proportion of the breathing should be forced.
  • People who have undergone abdominal surgeries, heart surgeries, brain surgeries should consult the medical expert or consultant.
  • Please do not rush to increase the proportions, as it will not help, but trying to practice easy ratio (4:6 seconds) for little more time may help.
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