Acupressure points for headaches or Migraine


Migraine/ headaches are well described as one of the most common experiences that everyone have. People can have difficulty thinking, working, resting.The acupressure techniques is one of the best things to give the instant relief over them.

Stimulate the Third Eye Point.

Each acupressure point has many different names, those based in its ancient use and the more modern name, which is often a combination of letter and numbers. The Third Eye Point, also called GV24.5, helps relieve headache and head congestion. This point is found between the eyebrows, where the bridge of the nose connect to your forehead.

Bright Lights Points:

These pressure points are located at the inner corners of both eyes, just above the eyelid and on the bone surrounding your eye.

Back Head Points: 

These points is also help to reduce the headache as well as the sinus.